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#Designing an investment solution for young Mexicans without financial knowledge

In Mexico we are far from having a mature financial and investment culture. There are few —conventional— options to invest but they usually require a lot of time and big amounts of money. In most cases the benefits are too low.

Mexico has 53 million internet users with an average age of 26 years but only 9.5 million have banking accounts, from which 2 million are investment accounts. Acces to investment options is fundamental for mexicans development but the numbers are against them.

3 out of 100 Mexicans invest in the Mexican Stock Exchange

Investify was born inside GBM Grupo Bursátil Mexicano, the most important brokerage firm in the country, as a startup-like team. I joined the project at an early stage and was in charge of designing the product from the first moment. My job was to be sure that every decision were made to achieve users and business goals.


Three proto-personas were outlined, recruited and interviewed in order to understand their habits, knowledge, perception, opinions and aches about finances, decision making process. A plenty amount of notes, audios and videos resulting in better defined archetypes.

Archetype 1
Male, 35, Consulting analyst Sr.
Archetype 2
Female, 29, Freelancer and entrepreneur
Archetype 3
Male, 28, Corporate patent lawyer

Design principles were created in order to guide every design decision.

Design Principles
  • Keep it as simple as possible.
  • Keep it transparent as possible.
  • Dosificate, not overwhelm.
  • Talk familiar.

[Key phrases. Click to enlarge]


These design principles were the foundation to design architecture, user flows, wireframes, content, interface, mails, landing pages, videos, marketing campaigns, etc.

[General user flow. Click to enlarge]

[Homepage. Click to enlarge]

[Dashboard. Click to enlarge]

[Portafolio and asset allocation. Click to enlarge]

[Detail. Click to enlarge]

[Detail. Click to enlarge]

[Robo-advisor illustration. Click to enlarge]

[Detail. Click to enlarge]

[Chart. Click to enlarge]

[Dashboard iteration. Click to enlarge]

[Money Stories still. Click to enlarge]


I created a concept inspired in science fiction and space: Back to the Future, 2001: Space Odyssey, Her, Ghost in the Shell. Your future You sent you a message that time travelled to the present: year 2017. You said:


Hello, I’m you from the future.

If my calculus are correct, you’ll receive this dollar the same day you’ll start investing automatically. It will be the beginning of your wealth and future welfare. This dollar is the beginning. Invest.


[Launch kit. Click to enlarge]

Young Mexicans are worried about their finances, they are sensitive around money topics, don’t have enough knowledge and lack of trust towards difficult and confusing processes from financial institutions. Investify was designed to address those problems.


[Compound interest page]

[Sign In]

[Dashboard - Investment plan]

[Investment plan result]

[ETFs landing page]

Roles in the project
  • UX Design
  • UX Content
  • UI Design
  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design

GBM Grupo Bursátil Mexicano

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