#Improving stock trading

GBMhomebroker (HB) is a trading platform for experienced stock traders. HB was the first, and successful till today, digital product developed inside Grupo Bursátil Mexicano (GBM) since 2011. 

There are two platform versions: basic and PRO. The first one with a basic and simple experience designed for new and low rate traders. The second, for fast experienced professional traders.

A first analysis of the actual platform and interviews were made to identify users pain points and opportunity areas. Site’s navigation was confuse and wasn’t helping to achieve users goals.

[Old platform. Click to enlarge]

[Old platform. Click to enlarge]


After identifying user pain points we decided to redesign site’s architecture, navigation and grid structure in order to improve users experience.

For pro traders we improved navigation and interaction based on a widget system aimed to give users control of tools they actually use for each of their trade strategies.

[New architecture. Click to enlarge]

[Grid adjustment. Click to enlarge]

[Grid adjustment. Click to enlarge]

[Trade. Click to enlarge]

[Trade. Click to enlarge]

[Indicators. Click to enlarge]

[Portfolio. Click to enlarge]

[Trades history. Click to enlarge]


[Portfolio & Trading]


Roles in the project
  • UX Design

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